Can you hear me?

The Wizard behind the curtain is not always an evil.

Indubitably, the obfuscation of one’s central identity can be traced to a wanton disregard for the effulgent articulation of the psyche, the abrogation of the id.

That was probably not the sentence you were expecting.

I hear the words I write.

This tone, this cadence- these are the measures by which the words flow.

This is a crude opening I have given to you.

But the words we choose, the way we arrange them, create the tones we hear, the flow of our thoughts and ideas.

I write to be read.

I do not always write the same way to be read.

When we peer behind the curtain at the Great Wizard, it is not the tiny man we should be amazed by.

It is the sheer depth of change and creation that can arise from a tiny figure, frantically pulling levers.

A good voice is invisible.

A better voice carries you on a journey that amazes you at every golden step.

We do not need to see the levers or the pain of their creation.

We do need to see the path before us and hear, always, the voice beckoning us forwards.

IMG_5221Follow the road, even without yellow bricks


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