The Imperfect Perfection

The first things I notice when I see a growing flower are the signs of invasion.

Commercial bouquets are always strangely antiseptic-

Freed of signs of struggle or conflict, kept safely vibrant until they evenly fade and whither.

Outside, the browning curl of the petal fades into the aphid’s blemish-

Connects into the scar tissue of a heavy wind, the enlarged vein of viral infection.

Caught in the sun, there is no way to ignore the price of living-

Worn as clearly as the fierce pump of water to the rigid petals.

As complete and perfect as a cloudless day-

A sky with a thousand miles of blue.

IMG_9951The beauty is in the struggle

If you would like to see more stories of the mistakes that make perfection, I have also written a fantasy novel, The Guests of Honor. It is available here.



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