An Important Shade of Yellow

banana remains

are a useful reminder

littering is bad

 IMG_0840Life Philosophy: Bad


*For this week, I will be sharing deep, philosophical statements about life and writing through haiku.

*Disclaimer: “Deep”, “Philosophical”, “Life”, “Writing” and “Haiku” may be approximate statements not tied to dictionary meanings. The author is not responsible for any eye-rolling related injuries.


If you would like to see my non-banana related thoughts, I have also written a fantasy novel, The Guests of Honor. It is available here.

3 thoughts on “An Important Shade of Yellow

    • I have lots of deep thoughts I want to share this week! Probably nobody will still be reading my blog by the end of the week, but I will have worked all of the deep thoughts out of my system. 😛

      Edit: Hopefully this is replying to you now rather than the void. I spend far too much time already replying to the void.

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