Guests of Honor by Cat Amesbury

So for today, I just wanted to share some lovely, thoughtful comments on “The Guests of Honor”. There are very few feelings better than when someone has half as much fun reading my story as I did writing it.

Between the Lines and Back Again

I recently received an email from a lovely author asking me to review her book, despite my crazy schedule. I have to say I am so grateful for her contacting me and introducing me to her magical story. And before I say anything else, yes, it was a light read. I know it seems I say that a bunch, but once I get started on a good book, I can’t seem to stop. Now for a blurb:

A woman, a fox, and a magical inn

Honor Desry’s only employee is a magical nudist, her guest list has an abnormal fascination with eels, and a surprising number of household objects are trying to hurt her.

When Honor’s mother mysteriously disappeared, Honor became responsible for both her younger sisters and the family inn. Now, all Honor wants to do is run the inn, pay the bills, and not get killed by her…

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