The First Riddle

I am laid low by the hands that raise me high

My head bowed only to the passing wind

When cut to the core, sugar-sweet, I bleed

My music is greater with my death

No words of my own, I speak for others

Flag-raised, ground-grasped,

I reach always for the sky

IMG_0296Who am I?

This is a week of small riddles and puzzles. See if you can solve them! Hat tip to Xina Marie whose Anglo-Saxon riddle songs inspired me to try my own hand at them.

More falls and sugar are found in my fantasy novel, The Guests of Honor. It is available here.


6 thoughts on “The First Riddle

    • I’m very glad that you enjoyed it! I highly recommend checking out some of the original Anglo-Saxon riddle songs if you enjoy this sort of thing. Mine is a pale shadow of the talent of the originals and they are so much fun to try and guess.

  1. Wow! I’m so thrilled that I inspired a wonderful riddle song! I especially like “flag-raised, ground-grasped” – so evocative! I’m going to guess that the answer is maple tree? “Sugar-sweet” especially gave me that idea, and the “I speak for others” would be that the maple leaf is a symbol for Canada. Not entirely sure what the music being greater than death is … is maple used for a musical instrument?

    I’m not terribly good at riddles so I could be completely off base!

    • Aw, thank you! I’m going to have a lot of fun this week trying to come up with riddles, I can tell.

      Your answer is correct! Maple is used as the base wood for many woodwind instruments because it provides a very bright, clean sound. I especially like that you caught the Canadian reference.

      I think that you are a lot better at riddles than I am!

      • Yay!! How cool that I guessed right! (It’s all the research I’ve been doing lately that must have influenced me … :-). I didn’t know that about the woodwind instruments – way cool! Can’t wait to read more of your riddles!

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