The Fourth Riddle

I am transparent in my motivations

To watch or be watched

Found in all the usual places-

Eyes, cupboards, hearts

Waiting to be looked over or through

Do not be shattered by my perspective!

I reflect only what is, not what will be


IMG_0597Who am I?

Yeah. This is probably less a riddle than esoteric poetry, but we’ll go with it. This is a week of small riddles and puzzles. See if you can solve them! Hat tip to Xina Marie whose Anglo-Saxon riddle songs inspired me to try my own hand at them.

For more less esoteric poetry, you can read my fantasy novel, The Guests of Honor. It is available here.


3 thoughts on “The Fourth Riddle

    • Glass it is, for a clean sweep of all of the riddles! Obviously your extensive research is paying off in your ability to solve difficult and obscure riddle poems. This one, while definitely more in the “poetry” than “riddle” category was a lot of fun to write. Not least for the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Blondie reference. 😉

      • Woo hoo!!! I feel so accomplished! I’m afraid I missed the Blondie reference, though. I’ve enjoyed these – and if they’re fun to write then you’ve done a double service to the world by extending your enthusiasm into the ether.

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