I do not do well with movies.

Movies sit on the border of visual over-stimulation for me.

The movies that I have not only watched but re-watched are those whose content has grabbed me so completely that the discomfort becomes irrelevant.

Some of these have rooted their way deep into the backbone of my creative inspiration, showing the power of the visual and the audible.

I first saw Labyrinth as an adult, years after it had been released, on a small television in an equally small apartment.

There is something about a creative vision that transcends cheesy ’80’s ballads, groan-worthy dialogue, and Very Special Pants to create something magical, something that skips the brain and cuts straight through to the gut.

I try not to dissect it.

Of all the things I love, I suspect that this would least stand up to cold scrutiny, to an analytical dissection of its pieces and parts.

All I know is that there was a powerful magic, beyond the humour, the less-than-perfect trappings.

Something that took me to another world and pulled me back time and again in a true escape from reality.

I do not know if that is something that can be bottled or quantified.

But like the Goblin King, I can only hope that I make you forget the clock in your pursuit of the magic I lay before you.

IMG_9921I have no peaches to offer, but my fruit has its own brand of magic

This is a week about inspirations, both obvious and otherwise.

For the strange fruit of my own inspiration, you can read my fantasy novel, The Guests of Honor. It is available here.


2 thoughts on “Labyrinth

    • I would love for there to be more interest in the Labyrinth. For a box office failure, it has managed to retain some impressive longevity! My fear with a re-tell is that I suspect that large parts of the magic were due to Jim Henson’s design and directorial hand in combination with the cold, fey chemistry of David Bowie. I think that there was something special about one of the last great fantasy movies to rely entirely on props rather than CGI that would be difficult to re-create atmospherically with digital assets.

      I would absolutely love to be proven wrong though. The lack of straight up whimsical fantasy movies over the last ten to fifteen years has made me very sad. Thanks for letting me know that there are other people who are excited about it too. 🙂

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