Cover Reveal for “With Honor Intact”

It’s no secret to those of you who have been following my discussion of my influences that I love a particular style of old-school whimsical fantasy, with or without darker undertones. When I set out to get covers for my series, I wanted a style that reflected that kind of content. While there are many beautiful covers using striking photo-manipulation or typography, none of them had that John Tenniel taste I was looking for – fun, clean but with a vague air of mystery and menace. I am also someone who loves Art Deco and the incredible posters and marquees that were produced in the Twenties and Thirties. I thought that their use of optical illusions was an excellent fit for the theme of my series, “Tales from the Virtue Inn”.

Combining both of those styles has given me something that I think really captures the tale I am trying to write. I am very happy with the story that the covers tell and look forward to unveiling them for each of the five books in the series.

So it gives me a great deal of pleasure to present the cover for the second book of the “Tales from the Virtue Inn” series, With Honor Intact.

I hope that you are as drawn into the world of Virtue as I have been, through my writing and through these illustrations.

With Honor Intact Cover 11aThe Games have only just begun…

Honor Desry hadn’t applied to be the Innkeeper of a semi-sentient Inn with magical guests, but her sisters and her right-hand fox-man are making the job a lot sweeter. Unfortunately, the supreme Cat God has disappeared on Honor’s watch, and Honor’s old life is about to clash with her new life in a major way.

The Naked Glassblower’s Association has booked a Valentine’s special at the Virtue Inn, and Honor’s old boss and his partner are coming along to chaperone. Honor needs to find the Cat, keep the strange guests away from the supernatural guests, and somehow hold family and mind together.

But the Virtue Inn still hasn’t revealed all of its secrets and Honor will need to summon every last piece of her courage and cunning to save the day With Honor Intact.

Warning: Contains some violence, profanity, innuendo, and semi-sentient household objects.

If you’d like to be alerted when With Honor Intact comes out, you can sign up for my mailing list here. To read the first book in the series, you can find The Guests of Honor here. A huge thank-you to Kat’s Indie Book Blog who did a lovely writeup over here as well.

6 thoughts on “Cover Reveal for “With Honor Intact”

    • I love that description! It’s a surprisingly good summary of the tone of the series too, so maybe I should be hiring you as my marketing copy editor 🙂 (the last mash-up description that someone used to describe the series was “24 meets Wonderland”, but I’m pretty sure I can’t use that either).

      I have really enjoyed these covers. I’m glad that this one gave you a smile as well.

      • It’s a wonderful elevator pitch. The only problem is that, while the story does become a high-stakes, counting-down-the-clock adventure fantasy, I think that using “24” would give people a wildly inaccurate idea of the content of the story (No presidents, double-agents, or estranged children were tortured during the production of this post).

        We just don’t have a lot of fantasy categories for by-the-minute, fast-paced contemporary adventures.

      • Well, I could just see some very confused people looking for the scene where we torture a sentient toaster. And thanks! Someone will hand me the perfect elevator pitch mash-up someday 😉

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