Fuzzfest- Dreamed a Little Dream

On good nights, the inside of my head is like a warm blanket.

A warm blanket made of writhing carnivorous eggplants, mind you, but comfortingly familiar all the same.

While I tend to the lucid dreaming end of the spectrum, even my sharpest, most uncomfortable visions have a peaceful acceptance that makes all the edges lovely and fuzzy.

I may be being chased by a large paintbrush who wants to use me for wallpaper, but I will not be at all surprised to discover that I have suddenly found a lake full of turpentine to foil my pursuer.

Maybe I should stop using myself as an example.

I love the inability to disbelieve in dreams.

I love the complete acceptance of the impossible mechanics of the worlds I inhabit, that moment my heart catches in my throat with a wonder that is almost impossible to duplicate in the real world.

I have no desire to become a Lotus Eater and waste away in visions.

But the knowledge of the unending boundaries that are tragic, funny, delightful inside my head, grants me a joy that sits warmly at the center of my identity.

Sometimes the familiar can be grinding.

There is a joy in not knowing where the next step will take you.

In finding the fuzzy borders of the world inside your head and stepping breathlessly into the unknown.

IMG_0070Almost as fuzzy as two cats and some warm blankets

This week is Fuzzfest! Pull up a chair and a warm blanket and bask in my version of light cheer!

For more dreams, fluffy or otherwise, my fantasy novel, The Guests of Honor, is available here.


6 thoughts on “Fuzzfest- Dreamed a Little Dream

    • There are still dreams where I don’t have that kind of control, but some of my nightmares became so much more fun once I realized I could play around with the content.

      What I find interesting about that for myself is that the ideas I come up with for control in that hazy half-asleep state are a lot stranger than what I would use when wide awake!

  1. I have to tell you I read the prologue of your book the other day and i loved it. I have had a crazy month and between family dramas and my computer and email being possessed by a poltergeist, my time has been divided. I will get back to it very soon as the beginning had me enthralled.

    • I’m sorry that your month has been such a mess. 😦 I hope that everything is okay and that you’ll be able to take a breather soon.

      I also hope that you have a wonderful time in the reading of the story! This series has been such a joy to write. My greatest hope and wish is that my readers will have half as much fun in the reading as I have had in the writing.

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