Fuzzfest- Things I Like

I like the morning.

I like the moment between the darkness and the first faint breath of light.

I like realizing that I’ve woken up one more time.

I like the fresh face of another day.

I like writing.

I like the translation of the inside of my head to a story to share.

I like the moment where the words paint a picture no image ever could.

I like the community of words and people I gain through sharing my own words.

I like living.

I like who and what I am and the life I’ve chosen.

I like being happy.

I hope you do too.

IMG_0569I like food, but not as much as my very fuzzy kitty

This week is Fuzzfest! Pull up a chair and a warm blanket and bask in my version of light cheer! Tomorrow will be a Very Special Post in celebration of my 100th blog post, so stay tuned!

For other things I like my fantasy novel, The Guests of Honor, is available here.


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