Every Dog His Day

Dogs like to be of use.

It’s in the bones for them, that need for concrete action.

(I think of that drive sometimes when I write. There are few characters more compelling and terrifying than those who need to serve.)

We do not always do well by them, those dogs of service.

Their need is so far beyond our ability to provide, our ability to give them the purpose they seek.

(I’ve seen dogs who’ve run flat for a week and only grown stronger.)

Sometimes they can overcome it, the wiring that drives them, that makes bright lights into enemies and moving objects into beasts to be herded.

Sometimes they find entire days where their needs lie satiated and quiet.

I like to think that these are the days they remember, the old dogs, fading and frozen.

Days of lazy sun and bright laughter.

Days of purpose served through an ever-rising joy.

IMG_1598Sometimes happiness is as simple, or as complicated, as a good yawn.


I’ve been keeping it under my hat until the process was nearly finished, but my second novel, With Honor Intact, is in the final stages of formatting now and will be available later this month. I’ll have more information about that later this week and a new weekly counterpart to the Sunday Ramblings! So, if you’ve been enjoying these strangely focused perspectives on the North, the outdoors, and writing, there will be more of that coming up.

While I currently am not writing about dogs, there are certainly canids and discussions of the perils of service to be found in my fantasy novel,The Guests of Honor. It is available here. The sequel, With Honor Intact, will be coming out later this month.




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