Look Down

In the city, I was always looking down.

Avoiding eye contact, avoiding obstacles-


In this quieter place,

In this place of less people, less potential chance of collisions,

I’ve noticed that I move with purpose.

Observe the tree ahead, the mountains in the distance,

The sky, sharp and intrusive, at the edges of my vision.

Until I stumble,

I miss the subtleties beneath my feet.

The world of branches and ferns,

Of squirrel middens and deathly struggles.

To take my eyes from where I’m going,

To where I am,

Opens vast worlds of possibility.

A field of horsetails,

Breeze-touched and swaying

In an endless sea of green.

IMG_1919So many small worlds beneath us

I have a deep love for the tiny connections around us.

For more worlds, small and otherwise, my fantasy novel, The Guests of Honor, is available here. Its sequel, With Honor Intact, can be found here.


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