The beginning of spring is an exercise in caution

The very tips of buds

The faintest hints of shoots and

Lone notes of bird song

Punctuated by stillness.

It is the world at its most simple

The barest, strictest branches of life

Sent forth in hope

That they will not be claimed

By the retreating tendrils of winter.

IMG_0640There is a beautiful simplicity to optimism

I am always heartened by how the world persists in the face of constant setbacks.

For more hopeless optimism, minimalist and otherwise, my fantasy novel, The Guests of Honor, is available here. Its sequel, With Honor Intact, can be found here.


2 thoughts on “Minimalism

    • I’m very glad that it struck a chord with you! I spend a lot of time watching the world around me and trying to tie the cycles of seasons together. I’m always thrilled when I can show someone an view that they haven’t previously seen.

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