The birds flee

to coasts to rivers to

places where snow is a dream

and not a nightmare

There are always some that stay

small birds

more noise than size

They have strange ways of handling

the winter

Mostly, waiting until the ash berries


and getting themselves drunk enough

to forget the cold

or be eaten by the sober hungry

img_1167Some coping strategies are less deadly than others

Intoxication is always more dangerous when things want to eat you.

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To Still A Rocking Bird



The beautiful rhythm of a rocking chair

The gentle song of well-fed birds

Why not have both?


This week will be a series of profound thoughts based on strange pictures I’ve taken. “Profound” and “thoughts” may have up to a 90% margin of error relative to dictionary definitions.


If you want more birds and chairs, I have also written a fantasy novel, The Guests of Honor. It is available here.