The Darling Buds – Spring Crocus

As a small child

I did not understand

the connection between

the cold bulbs deeply buried as

the fall died

and the vibrant burst of life

as spring fought free of

the snow

all I knew was that

as the sun warmed

the world was painted fresh

and I could lie amongst the new

life and be


Spring Crocus – Youthful Gladness

Every May, I do a series of poems based on Victorian flower meanings. Welcome to the Darling Buds.

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The Darling Buds- Crocus

I was always colder in the city.

Theoretically, that center of humanity and commerce never was anywhere near as cold as the winters I remembered.

But there was some quality: of the air, of the wind, of the never-ending damp.

I was always chilled to the bone-

Shivering, even in the pale light that penetrated the clouds.

It was a strange, slow grind on my mind and body.

Sweaters and heaters didn’t help.

The cold seemed to be as much inside as outside.

When I spoke to those from further north, I always laughed as I looked out the window and told them-

Yes, crocuses in February! You couldn’t even imagine it.

It was only after I got off the phone that I would really look at the flowers.

That I would focus on the beauty as a reward-

And not a punishment.

IMG_1770Crocus: Abuse me not

The Darling Buds are brought to you by Victorian flower meanings, a wanton disregard for photographic technique, and the letter N for Nostalgia.

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