Gratuitous Self-Indulgence

Behind the mind’s curtain

Words frantically tumble

Into and out of place

That perfect combination

To transfer to duller ink

But sometimes

I just have to say-

Who’s a good boy

Who’s a very good boy?

IMG_2033You’re a good boy. Yes, you are.


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And In These Moments

My dog has an unreciprocated love affair with butterfly shadows.

They dance.

They tease.

Then, in front of his very eyes-

They vanish.

Even when the true butterfly settles in front of him-

Or darts in front of his nose-

He remains true always to the shadow.

While a fine connoisseur of shadows, myself-

I hope that I am never too focused-

To look up from the ground-

And see the moment the wing of a butterfly-

Catches the sideways slant of a sunbeam.

IMG_0004A lover of water and shadows

While not as charming as my dog, I have some shadows and water in my fantasy novel, The Guests of Honor. It is available here.