The Darling Buds- Lupin

We never climbed the mountains after mid-September.

August was pushing the length of time we could avoid the snowfall and the uncertain weather of the alpine.

September carried a guaranteed edge of danger.

To make those late hikes carried an element of risk-

And an explosion of colour.

The time to grow and live in the upper meadows is short and unpredictable.

Everything grasps at the sun as it appears, desperately reaching for light to blossom and seed.

The weeks before snowfall are a dizzying carnival of colour.

I didn’t pick them, but I’d often sit down there, amongst the lupin and the heather, near the alpine fireweed buzzing with the insects feeding before their approaching ends.

It was easy enough to imagine that I was in another world entirely.

There was a heavy, alien intensity that became muted the further I traveled down the slope.

There is something magical about short, powerful lives.

About the weight of dreams, quickly and intensely fulfilled.

IMG_0478Lupin- Imagination

This week of the Darling Buds brought to you by nostalgia, Victorian flower meanings, and the letter “Y.” As in, “No, there’s no real reason ‘Y’.”

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Everyday Magic- Reflections

I cannot tell you how many times as a child I tried to climb into the mirror world.

When people talk about Lewis Carroll, they generally speak of Alice in Wonderland.

For me, the story that captured my head was always Through the Looking Glass.

I hoped that if I was very quick and very quiet I would catch that odd movement in the mirror, that glimpse around the corner of the reflection to where the mirror world began.

Unfortunately, glass is a firm barrier in both reality and imagination.

I gave up on climbing into mirrors, but I never lost that quick glance at reflections.

Sometimes, out of the corner of my eye, I like to think I see a glimpse of that strange backwards world beyond the edge of vision.

Then I write.

IMG_8670There is always wonder at the reflection’s corners

This week is dedicated to everyday magic. I will be sharing some of the real-life inspiration for the strange things that appear in the pages of my stories.

If you would like to see my other writings from the reflected world, I have also written a fantasy novel, The Guests of Honor. It is available here.