Reflections, Past and Present

The water carries the mountains

The streams carve out the arteries

the inevitable points of failure

but even in the valleys

those lakes that are not connected

hold the faces of the peaks

of the space between the heavens

and the place where the mountains

slept before they reached for a

higher more dangerous


The water remembers when the mountains were below rather than above

The world has a long memory.

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Everyday Magic- Mountains

When I first set foot on the flatlands, I felt naked.

My childhood was spent clambering over, around, and through a variety of hills, slopes, and mountains.

The time I spent living in flatter areas I used to seek out ravines to pretend that they were hillsides.

I think that sometimes people see mountains as barriers or obstructions.

I have always seen them as pathways.

When I was smaller I used to climb until my legs burned, standing on the top of the highest places I could find and staring out around me.

It wasn’t to conquer or to rise above the world below me.

It was because at the top, you could see the new mountains, the further ridges.

The magic of mountains is that you are always searching for the lands just beyond them.

Every stroke of my pen, I reach towards the summit.

Looking beyond for the new, strange lands before me.

IMG_9193Always another world to explore

This week is dedicated to everyday magic. I will be sharing some of the real-life inspiration for the strange things that appear in the pages of my stories.

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