The Darling Buds- Pansy

My grandmother loved spring.

She loved all times of the year and all types of weather, but there was a special energy that she reserved for the change from sleep to wakefulness in the world around us.

As a small child, she would take me out in her garden and point out the different plants and flowers, each with their own name and story.

Pansies were a particular favourite.

She would point out their adorably grumpy faces, glaring up at us with such earnestness that it was impossible not to laugh.

When I couldn’t see what she was talking about, she would take my fingers and use them to trace the shapes of our shared imagination-

Of our shared love.

Today is her memorial.

I have cried enough in her honour.

Today, I want to celebrate her boundless joy and generosity.

I want to remember wrinkled hands over small smooth ones, guiding me to trace the love present in the smallest petals.

IMG_2454Pansy- Merriment

This week of the Darling Buds brought to you by nostalgia, Victorian flower meanings, and the letter “Y.” As in, “No, there’s no real reason ‘Y’.”

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