The Story Left Behind

I am the worst kind of reader.

Now, I love to read and read enough books to make a seasoned librarian blush.

But I am not a linear reader.

I look at the words on the page.

I see corners and shadows.

I see the paths not taken, the stories hinted at and never filled.

We do not write all the stories.

I would argue that the best stories are those that take place in a world that is alive and breathing.

Those worlds are full of other tales, appearing and vanishing on the turn of a page, caught in their own trajectory.

These are the stories underneath the story.

The stories that weave around the shadows, the corners.

The stories that remain when the book is closed and forgotten.

I look at the scenery and see the words weaving behind, cut-off in the foreground.

I look to the neat path ahead.

The tangle spreads from my pen, the clean road ignored.

forsale2A story half-told, enticing

If you would like to see a fuller exploration of the tangle on the side,  I have also written a fantasy novel, The Guests of Honor. It is available here.