A Flash in the Darkness

There are only so many ways you can explain why you are carrying a hacksaw, a thermometer, and a shovel.

I didn’t even try.

If I saw anyone watching me while I was trying to keep the sawteeth away from my legs, I would cheerfully wave my thermometer at them.

Or maybe that was the hacksaw.

What story have I told you?

A trailed off voice, an uncomfortable silence, a flash of light in the darkness.

What we don’t say tells as much of a story as what we do.

I have had a life filled with moments of strangeness.

I honor them by letting them stand on their own.

These stories within stories, these moments with neither end nor beginning, appear and disappear within writing.

We are all story-tellers at heart.

Taking these threads I have given, you have told yourself something.

As I approach in the darkness, thermometer flashing, I will tell you that your story is better, a less boring explanation.

I will walk off, juggling my hacksaw, into an unknown future.

IMG_5242A boring explanation


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